We can see some tremendous change within a few decades in UAE. Its because of foundation of Oil in UAE.

By the way UAE make trade Oil and Gas industry to different part of the regions like korean peninsula, western Europe, USA, West Asia etc.

Natural gas in the UAE is the principle asset for the electric vitality generation. Also, specialists note a gradual increment in local utilization over the volumes of flammable gas creation. A stable financial and populace development animate the administration to expand the volumes of the created gas continually, and furthermore add to the scan for new elective vitality sources.

UAE is one of the right place for foreign investment to get boom your business. UAE is centre region for any interconnection. Dubai has world largest number of passenger visit in dubai airport. Tourism is also play an important role in UAE. There are many tourist places in UAE like theme parks, beach, malls etc. which attract foreigners. UAE is one of the safest country and has less crime rates. Internet of Things(IoT) decades UAE moulds technically and smartly by technology.

For all the good things we require good leaderships and ministry to develop one country. Which UAE got.

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